Project Brief

Vocalist Christine Weir needed an album cover design for her new album Invsion. She wanted the design to reflect the theme of her songs which all had a Scottish ancestral background. She wanted elements of space and magic to be incorporated into the design to give it a mythical look and feel.


Working with the brief I collected a collage of images of planets, stars, the milky way, a unicorn and an image of a Pict popular in Scottish culture to recreate the look and feel of magic, space and mystery. I layered, cropped and blended these images together. I also played around with the coloring of blues, reds and purples to add more to the feeling of magic. The use of this font for the typography and the particles I created with the brush tool was to add to the Celtic and mythical look and feel.


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Front Cover

Christine Weir - Back Cover

Back Cover

Christine Weir - Inside Cover Left

Front Inside Cover

Christine Weir - Inside Cover right

Back Inside Cover

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