Deep Waters

Project Brief

While working for the charity organisation The Wellspring Community I was responsible for managing a team as well as their social media for an event called Deep Waters. This included managing their YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram Page. This event occurred once a week and the target audience was aimed towards young adults & students between the ages of 18-25 of a local church community. Deep Waters needed material designed to advertise their latest events and speakers that were happening across the year.

The Process

I designed all their social media content using Photoshop. When advertising for the events hosted at Deep Waters I kept the branding consistent which included the font style, logo and kept to neutral colors. They also had events that happened once a year which were more specific. This meant that I could re brand events such as the Taize event which I used the color orange. The material was then used on their Instagram and Facebook pages. All the photography, video editing and design on their YouTube channel was done by myself.


Photoshop, Photography, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

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